Electrochemical determination of neurotransmitter serotonin using boron/nitrogen co-doped diamond-graphene nanowall-structured particles.

Hopping or Tunneling? Tailoring the Electron Transport Mechanisms through Hydrogen Bonding Geometry in the Boron-Doped Diamond Molecular Junctions.

Microfluidic devices for photo-and spectroelectrochemical applications.

Boron-doped carbon nanowalls for fast and direct detection of cytochrome C and ricin by matrix-free laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry.

Conductive printable electrodes tuned by boron-doped nanodiamond foil additives for nitroexplosive detection.

Development of novel (BiO) 2OHCl/BiOBr enriched with boron doped-carbon nanowalls for photocatalytic cytostatic drug degradation: assessing photocatalytic process utilization in environmental condition.

Boron-Doped Diamond/GaN Heterojunction—The Influence of the Low-Temperature Deposition

The role of electrolysis and enzymatic hydrolysis treatment in the enhancement of the electrochemical properties of 3D-printed carbon black/poly(lactic acid) structures