Open Junior postdoc position in IPC PAS

Junior postdoc

We are looking for a postdoc for an exciting project as part of a collaboration between the Institute of Physical Chemistry, the Gdańsk University of Technology, the company redoxme AB and the Norwegian research institute Sintef, to develop first-of-its-kind, multiparametric instrumentation equipment integrating microfluidic electrochemical cells and advanced microelectrodes materials, and being compatible with other in situ analyses technologies such as UV-Vis, FTIR/IR, Raman, NMR and ultra-fast laser spectroscopy. IPC PAS is the main responsible partner for testing and development of the electrochemical part of the system.

Key responsibilities include

  • Testing of electrochemical properties of novel electrode materials.
  • Design and test microfluidic systems for multiparametric measurements, including electrochemistry and optical techniques
  • Simulating flow and reactions in microfluidic systems using Comsol Multiphysics
  • Data analysis, writing reports and scientific publications
  • Cooperation with researchers, including communication with English-speaking colleagues
  • Support, supervision and mentoring of PhD and master students.

How to apply: Application must be sent to with the reference number ICHF 009-2021 in the subject line.

Application deadline: 15/05/2021

Organisation: IPC PAS, Charge Transfer Processes in Hydrodynamics Systems

More information on dedicated page.