Publication in Current Opinion in Electrochemistry

Microfluidic devices for photo-and spectroelectrochemical applications.

The review presents recent developments in electrochemical devices for photo- and spectroelectrochemical investigations, with the emphasis on miniaturization (i.e., nanointerdigitated complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor devices, micro- and nano-porous silicon membranes or microoptoelectromechanical systems), silica glass/microreactors (i.e., plasmonic, Raman spectroscopy or optical microcavities) or polymer-based devices (i.e., 3D-printed, laser-engraved channels). Furthermore, we have evaluated inter alia the efficiency of various fabrication approaches for bioelectrochemical systems, biocatalysis, photochemical synthesis, or single nanoparticle spectroelectrochemistry. We envisioned the miniaturization of applied techniques such as cathodoluminescence, surface plasmon resonance, surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy, voltametric and amperometric methods in the spectroelectrochemical microdevices. The research challenges and development perspectives of microfluidic, and spectroelectrochemical devices were also elaborated on.

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